Fear is the real enemy

Hedra September 2021 Fear is the real enemy

Fear is the real enemy… how to move past it into peace

By Victoria Savage RN

Nurse Savage on Your side

As I wrote this originally, the heartbreaking events in Afghanistan (and now Iran) were front and center in the news, and it is being mirrored in Iran right now.

These events in Afghanistan seem to be a step in the opposite direction for the Divine Feminine rising into balance as the Taliban takes over the government.

South Africa was exploding with unrest and hatred.

The earthquake in Haiti has claimed thousands of lives.

Fires rage in the Northwestern US consuming homes, lives, and thousands of acres of beautiful county.

Covid cases are on the rise. The Delta 4 variant is in play.

Vaccinations are being mandated. People are in protest as our freedoms are eroding.

Families are more and more at odds over the choices being made.

Social media moguls are censoring content/controlling what the world sees.

And the list of chaos, destruction and dis-ease in the world grows.

In the Spiritual community the Divine Feminine is the energy we know to be on the rise and is coming into its own power but what is visible right now does not feel like a rise in soft spiritual energy. Far from it. From this very linear viewpoint we currently live in, it seems as though the world and all in it is falling apart.

That’s because it is!! The world as we know it is disintegrating right before our eyes. It has to happen. The energy and patterns currently present in the world must fall away in order for the foundation of a new way of living can be birthed.

We, Humanity, The World, are in the third stage of this birth process and it’s excruciating and at times terrifying! But none the less, it is happening and it would seem that there’s nothing we can do to help.

But that would be wrong thinking.

Our greatest task as human citizens, and light bearers, light workers, way showers, empaths, seer’s, Intuitives, psychics, healers, spiritual guides, channels, spiritualists, and love purveyors, is to tap into the higher vibrations of love, peace, joy, ease and tolerance. We want to keep our focus on these and be purveyors of these vibrations.

The focus on these energies, and the intention to send these energies out into all these situations is immensely powerful for a few reasons. First, this puts you in a place of power instead of powerlessness and fear, because there is something you can do, and it raises your vibration which means you’re sharing that higher vibration with everyone you interact with. Then their vibration must rise in response. They are then sharing that higher vibration in their circle and it continues on.

The darkness feeds on fear. The Virus feeds on fear. Fear is the lowest vibration there is and its job is to keep us in powerlessness.

Love is the highest vibration there is, so our intention and attention to this high vibration is the most power filled response you can have amidst all this chaos. There’s benefit to you and to whom you choose to share it with.

The law of energy states that it cannot be destroyed. It can only transform from one form to another.

Here is a simple but immensely powerful way you can help shift the energies within you as well as in the world; Every time you are faced with something or someone that causes you sadness, or fear or angst, take 30 seconds, or more if you can, feel into wherever you feel love in yourself, heart, head, gut or wherever, and say with intention, “I shed pure love and joy on you, (or the situation.)” Do this over and over for 1-2 minutes to begin and then usually a 30 second practice will lift your vibration and leave you in greater balance and peace.

If you’re feeling limited, bummed out, blocked, or powerless, or if you’re filled with more fear than joy, this simple process can change your feelings, perspectives and outlook and bring a higher vibrational energy out into the world. And the truth is, you can shed this energy on anything and everything because everything is made up of energy.

This is not just a selfcare practice, but since love transforms like no other, shedding it on another person can help them make changes they are in need of. But be aware, they may not make the changes you’re expecting or wanting. This is their business.

So sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, think of someone or something you love, g=feel that feeling and from that place, begin shedding pure love and joy out into the world.

Love, Victoria