A Channeled Message from Archangel Uriel

Through Victoria Savage RN, Wisdom guided Oracle.

Just a bit of background here..
Many of you may not know that I’ve been channeling Archangel Uriel my entire life. Uriel is the aqngel of Love and Wisdom. This is the foundation of my gift of wisdom. It doesn’t come from me but has come through me.
“Good morning my Beloveds”.

“It is imperative that you understand we, the higher realm dwellers, see you, support you and desire to “Play” with you.”
“You are not alone and we know that the work you came to perform in this incarnation is huge.
This incarnation is unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. This is the one where you get to enact great healing for your ancestors. Healing that will set them free from centuries of angst, fear, uncertainty, self-hatred, self- loathing, self-distrust, self-debasement, and more. And set you free at the same time.
“Now is the tie time for you to begin with just one step towards this amazing path you’ve undertaken.”
“What does this look life for you? It looks just like your life so far!
Your struggles,
Your weaknesses,
Your pain,
Your disconnectedness,
Your dis-ease,
Your dysfunction,
Your doubts,
Your limitations,
And more.”
“When you begin to understand the enormity of what you agreed to do in this lifetime and why, then you can accept all of the personal emotional baggage listed above, which has been your life’s struggles, as reasonable because it doesn’t all belong to just you! This is both freeing and a bit terrifying at the same time. Give yourself some time to process this framework for your life;
                     and then get to work doing the work!”
“Be OPEN, WILLING and READY to receive the insights you need to take just one step forward on your path. It’s not necessary to see all of it, in fact, much of the experience you desire would be lost if you saw your life in totality unfold before you.
It is in the journey that your blessings are, where your learning is, and where your effectiveness expands.”
“Thank you for agreeing to this charge. This is how the world is changing, growing, and ascending into a higher consciousness; by you freeing yourself and your ancestors from all these weighty energies.”
“Call on us, your guides and companions, to lead you in this process. That is what we desire and are so ready to help you with. You don’t even need to know our name to invite our help. Just call on “the guide that is most appropriate to help me through this part of my journey,” and we are there.”
“You are so loved,”
Archangel Uriel and Victoria
If you’d like some help in your unfolding and releasing of energies, reach out to Victoria at SoulerPower. 208-473-8254