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Day 1

Introduction by your host,

Speaker 1: 

Larry Michel
Reunite with your Inner Seeker

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Speaker 2: 

Arnoux Goran
How to Overcome Challenges and Traumas even when you’re well

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Speaker 3: 

Jennifer Lonneberg
The Power of Words & Overcoming Resistance

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How Angels Communicate with You

Day 2

Speaker 1: 

Jo Dee Baer
Transformative Healing: From Paralysis to Triathlete

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Speaker 2: 

Tony Litster
The body holds the key to our healing: Using movement breath and sound to manifest the life we desire

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Speaker 3: 

Rex Sikes
Life on your terms

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Day 3

Speaker 2: 

Jean Border
Self-Empowerment through Tapping: A Gateway to Personalized Healing

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Energy Healing 101: What Can Energy Healing Do for Me?

Speaker 3: 

Mayah Rose and Gerald Rogers
THE POWER OF YOUR MIND: Activating the SUPERconscious and Reprogramming Your Subconscious to Work for You Rather than Against You.

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Speaker 4: 

Desirée Maultsby
Unleashing Creativity: The Magic of Creative Expression

Day 4

Speaker 1: 

Chris Felton
Finding Fulfillment through Growth & Contribution: A Journey from Struggle to Success

Speaker 2: 

Amy Joy
Harness Your Personal Power: Choosing Wellness and Learning from Life’s Challenges

The Event Finale

Victoria Savage, 

your host

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